CAOS International 2017

17th Annual Meeting of the International Society for
Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery
June 14–17, 2017 | Aachen (Germany)

Final Program

Pre-conference workshops

Final Program (interactive online version with abstracts)

CAOS 2017 Meeting Formats and Topics

Meeting Formats

•    Pre-conference educational workshops
o    Basics introduction to CAOS (Workflow, Imaging, Planning, Registration, Surgical Tools…)
o    Advanced topics in Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Science and Surgery
•    Free papers session (clinical, technical, interdisciplinary)
•    Poster and Special poster exhibit
•    Keynote lectures
•    Round table discussions
•    Hands-on workshops
•    Industry exhibit
•    Bonding: career workshops (students meet industry; free access for students on Thursday and Friday from 4 to 6pm, Young Investigator Chill out) to the industrial workshops and exhibitions

Meeting Objectives – CAOScience, Surgery and related fields

  • State-of the-art systems in CAOS (ankle, knee, hip, spine, shoulder, elbow, hand, oncology,…(incl. deformity correction & replacement), planning, navigation, PSI, smart instruments & robotics, …)
  • Critical review of clinical trends and results
  • Quality control in and with CAOS (Surgical Monitoring)
  • CAOS – a tool in Education & Training
  • CAOS in basic medical research (calcification & osteophytes, tissue engineering, ligaments,…“surgical“ biomechanics, …invivo-studies/sensorintegrated implants,….hygiene, radiation, invasivity, …, case databasis, statistical modelling,…)
  • New technical tools, components and developments (sensors & actuators, robotics,…)
  • Open source software (image processing tools, registration, algorithms, statistical modelling…, biomechanics,…)
  • Imaging for CAOS & new developments & trends: (Fluoro, CT, MRI, US, OCT, Elastography, upright/dynamic imaging,…)
  • Additive manufacturing („3D-printing“) and rapid manufacturing in CAOS
  • Computer modelling and Image Guided Application of Shockwaves (and HIFU) in Orthopaedics
  • Model based Computer Integrated Orthopaedics

    • Computer Assisted Personalized Musculo-Sceletal Biomechanics (Personalized Modelling, Simulation and Evaluation (incl. gait analysis)
    • Model based prevention & conservative therapy, personalised therapy (strategies, surgical planning, smart surgical devices, navigation and robotics); personalized implants and instruments
    • personalized model based rehabilitation
    • Usability Engineering and Work flow integration; Surgical Monitoring

  • OR.NET - Secure dynamic networks in OR and clinic (interoperability, modularity, flexibility….open medical devices & IT networking)
  • Medical Apps for CAOS (e.g. activity trackers for prevention, peri-OP training and planning, navigation,…, rehabilitation)